A Sound Education


Children are our greatest resource as a community and we need to give them the tools they need to succeed. A strong public school education is the key to ensuring our children can compete in this 21st century economy. Marjorie understands this as well as anyone. Without the strong public school education she received at P.S. 106 and M.S. 127 in Castle Hill, Marjorie would not have been able to build a successful career or find her voice as a dedicated community advocate.


As our Council Member, Marjorie will fight to increase funding for public schools and meet the needs of students, parents and educators. At the same time, she will push for a moratorium on school closures. Marjorie firmly believes in addressing the issue of struggling schools, but doing so in ways that get at the root causes without sending the message that we’re turning our backs on important neighborhood institutions.


Marjorie will also work to address local school overcrowding by building new classroom space, where needed in the district.  Additionally, she will advocate for more gifted and talented programs in our community at all grade levels, so our children have access to the highest quality public education to help them achieve success.